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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and good morning, i'mmanman in for pam cook. it's monday, april 11th.
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>> as we move through the afternoon our temperatures will be keel. we'll talk about why and the possibility of a little bit of rain coming in from the north. more on that in a few moments. as owe start the morning expect those clouds be hanging around in the afternoon. we will turn breezy around a very weak system. that may bring a sprinkle or two to the area. tonight will be mostly clear. the breeze will hold on to the first half of the evening hours. we will take you to the radar in a few moments. 4:31 traffic on highway 4 looks good coming up to the willow pass grade. no major problem there is. also this morning if you are driving on to interstate 880 a nice drive to the morning here as you drive up to oakland. let's go back to the desk. starting our news this morning a strong after shock hit japan overnight exactly one
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month to the day of the magnitude 9.0 quake that killed thousands of people. the magnitude 6.6 after shock happened 3.5 hours ago. it forced japan to issue a warning for a three foot tsunami but that warning has been issued. a similar after shock last week did not produce any wave. so far there are no reports of damage. this mornings after shock is causing more problems at the damaged fukushima nuclear power plant. we learned the quake has knocked out electricity to the pumps used to inject water into three different reactors. this comes after they plan evacuations for people living near the plant. an evacuation order is in place for people living within a 12- mile radius. it has been one month since the earthquake and tsunami struck. japan has been marking the memory with a moment of
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silence. hundreds are expected in san francisco's peace plaza in japan town. that event begins at 5:30. the cleanup continues in santa cruz after the tsunami damaged dozens of boats. coming up in 15 minutes why even more boat owners are getting help this morning. in berkeley right now crews are working to repair a broken water main. it's at the intersection of shattic and los angeles avenues. jade hernandez is joining us. >> reporter: at least the water isn't gushing anymore the street is still wet. you can only imagine waking up to this. you're looking at what one berkeley homeowner woke up to this morning. the homeowner we spoke to told us he and his wife didn't rush to pick up sandbags because
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they waited for the water to turn off but it took an hour between 2:30 and 3:30 this morning before they could identify and manually shut off the water this morning. east bay mud worker told us a six inch steel pipe burst over night. they were able to turn off the water and mark the area where they will have to come back and dig. 30 households will be without water for three to eight hours. the homeowner said he will have to wait for daylight before he can see how much damage it caused in his backyard. >> it was much louder than rain. and you look outside and you don't see any rain. >> reporter: his wife told me their neighborhood has an e- tree. firefighter told the homeowner we spoke to there was another break within a few blocks of the latest one. the worker we spoke to told us the break is underneath the
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street and this is where residents will see east bay mud workers later this morning. reporting live in berkeley jade hernandez. the time is 4:34. new this morning san francisco police are looking for a missing elderly woman. 9-year-old fang disappeared friday night. she suffers from mental and medical disabilities. family members say she often hangs out at pier 39 and financial district. anyone that has seen her should contact the police. a sexual assault on campus. university officials say a man entered a room and sexually assaulted a student but the student screamed causing the man to run away. one stanford grad student we talked to said more security will be needed. >> especially in the low rises
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tends to happen. i fortunately live in the high- rise. it's a little bit more secure in terms of having to get through the door. there is a key pad or you have to be buzzed in. still anything can happen. >> police do not have anyone in custody. this is the second warning about campus safety in the past two weeks after another man tried to enter a different apartment building through a window. this comes days after uc berkeley police announced two students were assaulted on campus. a woman was robbed and sexually assaulted early friday morning. about an earlier a man grabbed another student near the valley life science building. they are not saying if the assaults are connected. concord police have a suspect in custody this morning knolling yesterday's stab -- this morning following yesterday's stabbing death. it happened about 4:30
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yesterday afternoon. that's when police say they found the 19-year-old with a stab wound. he later died at the hospital. the names of the victim and suspect and the circumstances have not been released. san francisco police are investigating a death in the bay view neighborhood as suspicious. police were called to a home on kasada avenue at 4:30 yesterday morning after a body was found inside. investigators have released few details. they tell us the arson task force was on the scene. we are learning new details about the man that went missing off of ocean beach. he disappeared after the tug boat he was on capsized saturday afternoon. a 53-year-old man on the boat with him was pulled from the water and treated for hyper thermae and shock. they were able to get one may day call off before they had to abandon the ship. >> he was wearing a life
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preserver which shows you how difficult the sea can be. >> they found a life jacket of the one the missing man was wearing. they called the search off because no one could survive this long in the cold waters. we will hear more about the budget deal that will keep the government funded. late friday congress passed another short-term spending measure to prevent a government shutdown. president obama surprised viz visitors at the lincoln memorial telling them the memorial was open. >> about half of the new cuts will go not just from what is called a domestic discretionary but other areas, defense, agriculture and things like that. that's what allowed us to get up to that number. >> we had our nations first trillion dollar deficit.
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third trillion dollar deficit. highest in the nations history. at some point you have to quit spending money you don't have. >> this week the house and senate will have to pass that spending plan to keep the government funded through september. and on wednesday, president obama set to announce his long- term plan to reduce the federal deficit. world series level security measures will be in place tonight as the giants begin a three-game series against the dodgers. it's supposed to help retaliatory attacks. tonight's game will be dedicated to stow. the giants will also collect donations for him. stow remains in the hospital recovering from a skull fracture. the team is holding a fundraiser in los angeles to help stow. two men in dodgers gear attacked stow in a parking lot
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at dodgers stadium. they have still not been found. the confessed killer of oakland journalist chauncey bailey will return to the stand today. they will continue cross examing broussard. he testified yusuf bey ordered him to kill bailey in 2007 because of a story the journalist was writing about the oakland bakery. the second defendant on trial is accused of being the get away driver. in a few hours jury deliberations will resume in the barry bonds' perjury trial. they will begin their day with a read back. earlier she told the jury she saw the personal trainer inject bonds in the stomach. he is accused of lying to the grand jury. the time is 4:40. let's take it to sal for a check of how the roads are looking on this monday morning.
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happy monday sal. >> happy monday to you. it's doing very well out there right now. traffic is looking good as you are driving around on 80 westbound if you are driving from richmond to the mccarthur maze. it should be a nice drive for you. driving across the bay bridge should be light. the roads are open. there is no lane construction area there is. and this is northbound interstate 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is moving well. all the way up to the valley. there are no problems on 17 coming down the hill. at 4:41 let's go to rosemary. >> good morning, to you we are waking up with gray skies this morning ahead of a weak system that may bring you a sprinkle. partly cloudy skies over the north bay, waking upmostly cloudy at this time. we will continue within this as this system here over the northwest corner continues to migrate south. the northwest picking up a little bit of rain this
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morning. the rest of us dry at the moment. as it begins to slide on through we may see a sprinkle. i want to show you the forecast here. it begins to sizzle out as it moves there our area here. we are gray through the first half of the day. by the second half we see the partly cloudy skies and clear conditions. into 8:00 still off the coast here and it really just fizzles out as it moves through. 3:00 in the afternoon we are dealing with partly cloudy skies and continue to migrate its way south. it will not bring us much in the way of rain. as the front sweeps through and behind it we could be breezy. winds anywhere from 20-25 miles an hour. starting in the 40s. low 50s. san francisco oakland. warmer than yesterday by two, four, and six degrees. partly cloudy skies expected in the afternoon. and your forecast here we're
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going to be between systems for tomorrow. a more organizationed storm going to bring us scattered showers on wednesday. looks to be the coolest day on wednesday. thursday and friday is drying out. take a look at that weekend. maureen. >> thanks. several wild fires are raging in texas this morning. what is not helping firefighters as they race to control the flames that burned more than 400 square miles. and a possible plan to end the conflict in libya. the three things africans countries want from moammar gadhafi to happen. so far traffic looks good out to the high-rise. another look at traffic and weather straight ahead on the morning news.
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a mostly cloudy start to your morning. winds generally light out there coming in from the west, northwest. temperatures sitting in the 40s and low 50s around the region. several wild fires continue to burn out of control in texas. they have scorched almost 400 square miles and destroyed dozens of homes. two dozen states have sent firefighters to texas. investigators inspect one fire was sparked by a cutting torch that was slicing through a pipe. in iowa officials are assessing the damage when a tornado destroyed more than half of one town. iowa's governor says it's too
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early to see if people and businesses in mapleton will qualify for federal aid. amazingly only a few people were hurt. >> we saw debris flying around. we looked over and saw a tornado coming down the road. it came over and went through my garage. >> they measured the tornado as an ef-3 which carries wind speeds of 150 miles an hour. this after the red river crested saturday night. 60 miles of roads are closed in the area and another ten miles are washed over. officials are urging people who live in fargo not to drive out of the city. time is 4:47. autopsies are planned today for two nevada teenagers that died while sue baa diving in --
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scuba diving in monterey bay. after a 45 minute search the boys were found and later died at the hospital. their names have not been released. boat owners in the santa cruz harbor are still cleaning up the damage unleashed by a tsunami. we talked to one boat owner who tells us he's on a waiting list to get his boat hauled out and checked. he's concerned about the damage he can't see underneath the boat. >> i was here during the day of the surges and watched all kinds of stuff hit the boat. but concerned about the propeller, the rutter. >> estimated damage to the entire harbor stands at $28.5 million. four people's who's boats sank will be returning today. santa cruz red cross says it will provide support for the boat owners that have been out
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of the area for the past month. it has provided housing and counseling assistance to 32 other boat owners in santa cruz. this morning the state public utilities commission is scheduled to vote on fining pg&e. the fining is for failing to turn over critical safety records. at one point, the state puc had considered a much higher fine of $1 million every day pg&e did not come ply. the african american union says moammar gadhafi supports its road map for ending the conflict with rebels. the presidents of five african american companies met with gadhafi yesterday in tripoli. the delivery of humanitarian aid and talks between the rebels and the government. the delegation of african leaders is set to meet with libyan rebels today. the search continues for
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the driver that hit and killed a pedestrian on interstate 280 in daly city. it happened at 5:45 yesterday morning at on the southbound side. chp says after the man was hit by the toyota corolla the driver got out and ran from the scene. southbound 280 was shut down for 2.5 hours for investigation. city leaders in san francisco will meet to discuss the growing concerns over pedestrian safety. last month three people died walking the streets of san francisco in a four-day period. more than 800 people are hit by cars in the city every year. that makes san francisco one of the most dangerous cities in the nation for pedestrians. time is 4:50. the mayor of vallejo will make an announcement of his political issue. his election in 2007 was a nail
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biter. he won in a recount by three votes to become the city's first african american mayor. it may be a tough drive for people on highway 4. a san jose has been is coming home from las vegas a big winner. how he won $50,000 and what he plans to do with the money.
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the pilot of a small plane died after crashing into a house in maine. the home burst into flames late yesterday evening. no one was inside the home at the time of the crash. the national transportation safety board is investigating the incident. whether you have insurance or not you have a chance to take advantage of free health care. thousands have received care from volunteers.
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dental services, eye exams, breast exams, and more are being offered. time is 4:53. if you are driving westbound on highway 4 this morning you have the toughest commute in the bay area. that is according to a new highway survey. that survey says westbound highway 4 from hill crissummers vail road is worst. coming up in at number three is a 580 in castro valley to livermore. time is 4:54. let's get to sal to see how the commute is looking. do you think that is the worst? >> you know, i absolutely do. we get the most complaints about that commute. we are watching it for you this morning. westbound highway 4 is still good. that is the first commute to get busy every morning. right now it's not stop and go yet. let's go out and take a look at highway 24 where a lot of
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people do end up after that. westbound 24 looks good driving up to the caldecott tunnel. and the morning commute is okay on westbound 80 as you drive up to the toll plaza. there is no major problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge traffic is moving well. good morning, to you. notable changes as you go out the door this morning. it's because of this weak system over northern california. we are dealing with mostly cloudy skies this morning. low clouds coming in off the coast and high clouds ahead of that system. we not much likely to see rain but by this afternoon going to bring us breezy conditions. we will be sitting in the mid 40s to low 50s. getting out at door at 7:00 usually the coolest time right before or after sunrise. your noontime numbers mid 50s to low 60s. we will be mostly gray as we
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start the day and afternoon clearing skies. with those clearing skies we will see the winds kick up. we will be cooler than what we saw yesterday. giving you an over all view and around your neighborhood. 62 for napa. 60 in oakland. 60 redwood city. 62 san jose. a cool day in pacifica 72- degrees. so winds generally light this morning. notice by the afternoon begin to kick up a little bit. 14 miles an hour in oakland around 3:00 or so. as well as napa. winds between 15-20 is what we are looking at for most of the day. your extended forecast here we're going to be between systems. today a very weak one. tomorrow we are dry. wednesday a better storm. this one looks like it could bring us a few scattered showers. tenth of an inch expected. it will keep us on the mild side and cooler as we head in toward the weekend we are looking pretty good.
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temperatures will begin to increase and by the weekend we are looking at temperatures right around low 70s. take a look at the weekend numbers coming up. a san jose man met the jackpot in las vegas but not playing the slots. he won $50,000 at an amateur bowling contest. >> realistically pay off all the bills. and my wife wants a new pair of earrings. she deserves that. >> he became the division beat champion national inleague tournament. more than 100 people took part until the competition. barry bonds' is heading back into court. what piece of evidence the jury will be taking a second look at.
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a new disaster marks a month of devastation in japan. a major after shock prompts another tsunami alert overnight. and this is what one berkeley homeowner woke up to this morning. this is also effecting his neighbors. we'll have the story live straight ahead. a jury continues to deliberate the fate of home


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